Elements—Google Pixel2 @Selfridges
The extruded lens

A great photograph is about optics, the skilful manipulation of light, combined with intelligent software. For Elements, our collaboration with Google Pixel 2 at the Radical Luxury space at Selfridges, we created an installation composed of a series of concentric disks of optically pure mirrored glass and projected light, forming an extruded lens.

Our programmatic visual and audio system took inputs from visitors to create a series of mandala-like fingerprints unique to each person's interpretation of luxury, accompanied by bespoke audio compositions.

As the mandalas formed, a Pixel 2 captured a series of images at a specific point of view to align the disks around the visitor, creating a unique sharable portrait.
Client: Google
Creative Direction and Production: TEM

Executive Producer: Valtteri Laihanen
Technical Direction: Louis Mustill @ Artists&Engineers
Visual Programming: David Li
System Programming: Bruno Imbrizi
Sound Compostion and Programming: Robert Thomas
Fabrication: MDM Props
Emeli Sandé—Long Live The Angels
JayZ + Beyoncé x Hillary Clinton—Get Out The Vote
Rag & Bone SS17
James Blake—I Need A Forest Fire (Created at UVA)
Beyoncé—Tidal X
MCM x Christopher Raeburn
Heathrow T5—Oak Seasons
3E Scene (Created at UVA)
LaRinascente 100—Palazzo Reale
Prada—NYC Seasonal (Created at More Soon)
The Experience Machine

TEM is a design studio that takes moving image to new spaces to craft evocative experiences and tell meaningful stories.

Combining cutting edge visual technology with spatial design and a clear creative vision, we design interactions and experiences that exist at the convergence of virtual and physical space.

Our directors have worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, James Blake, Coldplay, Yugo Nakamura, Primal Scream and Hans Zimmer, brands such as Rag & Bone, Selfridges, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Raeburn, MCM, Intel, and Apple.

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