Lady Gaga—58th Grammy Awards
Integrating an array of Intel sensors with interactive staging

We spent six weeks in LA in January and February 2016 working with Intel’s tracking and sensor team in order to integrate Intel Curie with the Notch real-time engine and d3 to create an interactive staging environment.

We used a series of screens and Hologauze combined with postional data and gesture recognition, to generate real time interactions with the set. The set was used as a workshop and test site for ideas and systems intergrations over the course of the month, and we developed a series of tools and experiments in dialogue with Gaga and her team.
Half way through production, David Bowie passed away and the Grammys offered Lady Gaga the opportunity to create a performance to celebrate his life and work, this allowed us the opportunity to offer our own small homage to the great shapeshifter. For the final track in the medley, interactive holographic smoke formed and rose around Nile and Gaga to reveal an iconic image of David.
Credits: TEM: Realtime Programming
Ruth Hogben: Show Design and Visual Direction
XO: Wearable Technology Direction
Prettybird: Exectutive Production
Systems by Intel
Mark Logue: Show Tech Production
Ulla Winkler: Production
David Bajt: Systems Architect
Joss Gray: Sensor Intergration