Emeli Sandé—Long Live The Angels
Structural Video

TEM worked with Imogen Snell, Emeli Sandé's Creative Director and ATV, to develop the staging and video system for the Long Live the Angels tour. The scenic design is composed of three video structures, sealed cubes that could be filled with Haze Smoke or left clear. These cubes were backdropped by a supporting triptych of LED light.

The surfaces of the cubes were a reflective polycarbonate, viewed from a 3/4 viewpoint they appeared to reflect the rear video screens in a holographic way. The combination of these surfaces, materials and volumes gave us lots of options during the show design and sequencing process, and allowed us to create lots of different stage compositions, bringing certain elements to the fore whilst obscuring others.
Imogen Snell: Emeli Sandé's Creative Director
TEM: Show Design
James Medcraft: DOP/Content Films
ATV: Production
Woodroffe Bassett Design: Lighting Design
Perry Scenic: Fabrication
TEM: Photography