The Experience Machine
A design studio taking moving image to new spaces

TEM is a design studio with a collective approach based in London UK, founded by Christopher Davenport and Christopher Pearson with the desire to explore the limits of moving image within a spacial and experiential context.

TEM specialise in the conception and delivery of technically complex projects in the fields of moving image, installation and spatial design. Operating with a collective structure allows them an adaptability in approach to projects with varying scope and form, from individual experiences to global tours.

Technically diverse, utilising a wide range of digital and analogue processes, it's the discovery of unique narrative approaches at the intersection of design and technology that drives their curiosity and pushes the practice forwards.

TEM have worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, James Blake, Coldplay, Yugo Nakamura, Primal Scream and Hans Zimmer, brands such as Rag and Bone, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Raeburn, MCM, Nike, Intel, Versace, Prada and Apple and have collaborated with many of the most respected artists and practitioners in their field.

56 Ironworks
58 Dace Road
E3 2NX

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